The other night, trawling Twitter on my way home (which is what Twitter is for in my opinion) and scanning the excellent iO9 posts, I found a gorgeous piece of illustration that really spoke to both my Chthulhu-esque and my burgeoning Steampunk tendencies : ‘By Appointment Only’ by Travis Pitts (via Drawn)

By Appointment Only by Travis Pitts
Lovecraft and Tesla, at your service…

I was especially excited when, googling other work by the artist, I found he was actually the author of my favourite Threadless design submission: We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now, featuring a post-zombie-apocalyptic Thelma and Scooby with their zombie-killing Mystery Mobile.

Even better, I used said illustration as inspiration for my Halloween costume two holidays ago. Here it is:

Original image by Travis Pitts
Spot the difference?
Zombie-killing Thelma/Zombie-killing Laura
(don’t ask about the gun…)

I’m a sucker for detail – I think I did a pretty good job!

(EDIT: The artist got in touch on facebook and also said I’d done a pretty good job – ‘the best adaptation I’ve seen’ in fact. Squeeeee!)

And, in searching for more images ‘reimagined’ or ‘recreated’, I found this brilliant and imaginative version of one of my favourite paintings:

Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog by C. D. Friedrichs

Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog
Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog
Pixel Version by Christopher Ryzebol
Pixel Version by Christopher Ryzebol

 I’ve started thinking about trying out other remakes or ‘reimaginings’ – perhaps on book covers, especially those that reference other works or consciously reuse a particular genre, like The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter, which famously uses the Victorian and Gothic genres, or The Woman In Black by Susan Hill, which references the stories of M. R. James and Wilkie Collins.

In the meantime, here are some further inspirations:

This Blog, Popped Culture, has a fantastic selection of popular culture re

And here are even more, care of a competition on from last year.

Anyone got any more? These are addictive!

Thelma takes a break