Gamification in my classroom 3: xp tokens

The physical aspects: Reward Tokens

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Gamification and my classroom 2: rewarding pupils, rewarding course


Gamifying the KS3 Classics course: Greece and Rome in one year – continued…

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Teaching experiment: Minecraft in the Classroom

minecraft banner


My friend Hoobs and I are part of our school’s Teaching and Learning group, kind of a symposium for finding interesting stuff to add to the classroom. Hoobs is fantastically interested in new strategies and in implementing new media and such in the classroom, as am I, but he’s much better at it than me and actually gets things done while I go home and draw my Greek Myth Comix (my last contribution to the T&L group, which turned into a kind of private project aside from its use in school as a revision tool), and is also why we’ll be trying out Class Dojo next year.

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The Fresh Prince of Latium


In 3rd year Classical Civilisation, I’m just about to start teaching Roman history in a topic I’ve called ‘Settlement, Kingdom, Republic, Empire’, and starting with The Aeneid in an abridged version – after all, they’re only 13ish.

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Replacing the Teacher(‘s voice)

One. that’s all it takes. One cheeky New Year’s Eve cigar (well I’ve got to have *some* fun) and the consequences are pretty disastrous: laid out for a week with tonsillitis, the exact week you’ve planned to do all that marking and planning that piled up last term in fact; slipping into the jetlagged time stream of the insomniac by waking up every five minutes hacking and coughing and hot-flushing and cold-sweating, so much so you think you’ll sleep through the first-day-back-at-work-alarm; and then you lose your voice on the first day…

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