On-the-spot project: DIY ‘stained-glass’ panels and a lot of colouring in

Staying with friends one evening, and suddenly having time on our hands, I suggested we make faux stained-glass panels for their WC door – seeing as it’s lacking in them currently as they wait for their real stained-glass windows to be made (a towel over the door doesn’t quite cut it in the style stakes, and the rest of their house is so lovely).

As they’re a couple with a very young baby, and with a penchant for the natural world…and there being a large supply of chubby, inviting, felt-tipped pens at hand, we thought some naively colourful ‘natural’ scenes would go down well: a tall woodland and mountain scene on one, and a coastal scene (my mythical Cornwall) in the other. In both, a beautiful, layered sky, as the house they bought has the most amazing stained glass seascape, complete with galleon, in the front door (which sadly I don’t have a picture of.) I made any large expanses of colour into layers also, so that a variety of shades could be used, and, more practically, so the colouring pens wouldn’t run out too quickly. Thick lines were meant to replicate the leading in real glass windows. ‘Magic’ markers that had a colour-changing tip added texture to simple blocks of colour.

We made the panels out of simple sheets of A4 paper, turned widthways, and traced the outline of the missing panels. Then I went wild with the black marker while they coloured in. The result was pretty.

‘stained-glass’ panel 1
‘stained-glass’ panel 2 – unfinished
The first panel in situ – see how it shines!

We actually started colouring the second panel over breakfast. There were three of us working on it, and another one dribbling nearby. I’m seriously wondering if there isn’t a business in 4-foot long colouring books?