Greek Myth Comix – a bit of success!

The New Year’s Resolution I made to draw more and read more mythology has turned into (for me) a bit of a monster, but more of a fluffy, puppy-eyed cuddly monster that makes me feel warm inside than a hydra or Scylla/Charybdis deal. The comic strip blog now gets at least 1000 hits a month, except for today, when it got over 500 hits over about eight hours:

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MISS, ARE THOSE YOUR *GUTS*?! Or, how to make (edible, if you feel like it) guts for your Hallowe’en costume

Recently, we had a ‘Haunted Library’ at work for the First and Second year students. It was all the work of our wonderful librarian, who turned our school library into a walk-through Haunted House, filled with willing participants – staff in various sates of costume – who were looking forward to scaring the wits out of teeny tiny pupils…

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A pretty decent Death Star Birthday Cake

First, let me point out that I am in no way a professional baker. The fact that this worked in any way makes me very happy, even if, compared to other Death Star cakes on image search, it’s a bit crummy 😉 But, I’ll try anything. This was fun.

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Blackboard Fiction Publishing: ‘Swansong’, by Barbara Swanson


One of the things that Blackboard Fiction does, aside from write educational books for students, is to help other people self-publish. After some small success with my own volume of short stories, ‘Death and Stationery’ (sneaky plug: download Kindle or iBook) I was contacted by the grandmother of a friend. Having self-published her autobiography in paperback, and, although not having many expectations, she was keen to find out how to take the text to the new opportunities electronic publishing could offer.

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My First Christmas Present From Him, or, a testament to true love

Here’s what my partner…fiancee…other half got me for Christmas. He couldn’t wait any longer to give it to me.

My first instinct was to think, thank goodness we found eachother.

My second instinct was: EEEEeeeeeeEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!


For the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a crawling-action zombie!

(If you don’t know what this is, I suggest you check out The Walking Dead tv series or graphic novel.)

The Friday Morning Jelly Explosion, or ‘How to make edible zombie brains’

‘Tis the season…for Drama Club to do an assembly. A zombie assembly.

Let me explain: last Summer, Drama Club made a zombie film, written and directed by one of my sixth formers, and, despite me then painting their faces to look like zombies on Open Day, when we showed the film (and when parents and prospective parents also come have a look-see what we’re up to), we were asked to do an assembly on it for the new 1st years, whom hasn’t seen it.

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We won a Prize!

This actually happened a month or two ago, but I’ve only just remembered to post it.

In September, I won Basekit’s ‘Site of the Month’ with my design for a fashion journalism portfolio.

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How *to* read poetry :) (or, I didn’t read it so fast this time)

Another go at the ‘reading poetry aloud to strangers’ game, and this time far more successful.

This time, I read Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’ and my 16-year-old response to it. (I have promised to actually write something for the next one in Oct…which I’ll try to do but I’m promising nuffing.)

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‘The (New) Merchant’s tale’, or ‘How Not To Perform Poetry’

Tonight, convinced by a student who is rather a fan of my writing, I went to a poetry open mike night.

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How to make an ‘old book’ cover for your Kindle (or, a guide to how to accept a Kindle into your heart)

I am reblogging this old post from my old blog, (yes, what a huge mouthful, and how content-specific, hence this new blog), which I originally posted on 26th December 2011 – Boxing Day. This was a delightful Boxing Day pursuit, as you will see. I thought it best to move it seeing as people keep asking me for it, and it’s far too time consuming to give them the old blog address 😉


So… I got a Kindle for Christmas. My darling and savvy other half decided that, as I’m in the business, you know, actually publishing for Kindle, I should actually have one.

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