Laura Back To Work

Apologies. I have been ill. I’ve never really been ill before, but 4.30am starts, cold, cold winters and a lengthy wait at Clapham Junction ganged up on me to produce something my mother only used as a threat before: ‘Don’t forget to wear a scarf or you’ll get pneumonia‘.

I wore a scarf. I got pneumonia. Your parents aren’t always right.

Finally up and about, and finally back to work, which means catching up on things at (proper) work as well as finally back on the pony of blogging, especially the design blog posts which have been completely neglected. Your patience will be rewarded for those: I definitely feel one coming on in the next week or so…

I’ll leave you pictures from last week at (proper) work, just to illustrate how busy I really have been 😉

Sunset in a Market Town

cover#2 – FARENHEIT 451

One-Hour-Cover: ‘Farenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury.

For obvious reasons, once you’ve read it, fire is a rather important theme in this book. The 1953 edition was even published with an asbestos binding (again with the humour).

To show the importance of the text itself, as well as the horrifying nature of the themes and actions within it, I wanted to portray it as a hallowed tome that had been snatched from the flames, just before it was engulfed by that particular temperature. An old book cover texture comes from my favourites Lost and Taken. A quotation from the text adds a kind of mystery, while a made-up publisher’s logo is a jokey aside.

LE Jenkinson Cover idea for 'Farenheit 451' by Ray Bradbury
Singed around the edges.

In case you’re wondering, I wouldn’t have the edges laser-cut – that rather removes the point of the cover protecting the pages. I think I’d use a white background – cleanliness setting off the ash. Anything else would look dowdy.