Gamification in my classroom 5: keeping on top of xp


  The next challenge: how to get the students (and myself) to keep up with all this XP business?

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Gamification and my classroom 1: ideas and thoughts

Gamifying the KS3 Classics course: Greece and Rome in one year

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Make your own Gladiator Paper Dolls

My school does an ‘Open Day’ every Summer, when we open the school on a Saturday  to parents, prospective parents and pupils, and anyone else who wants to come. Each department puts on a kind of showcase with games and events linked to their subject, and the whole thing turns into a kind of fete.

This year, we build a makeshift Colosseum in our classroom, and the kids made gladiator paper dolls!

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The Fresh Prince of Latium


In 3rd year Classical Civilisation, I’m just about to start teaching Roman history in a topic I’ve called ‘Settlement, Kingdom, Republic, Empire’, and starting with The Aeneid in an abridged version – after all, they’re only 13ish.

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