Shakespeare Comix for the University of Portsmouth Shakespeare Festival, ‘Much Ado About Portsmouth’

In 2015 I was commissioned to produce a ‘Guide to Shakespeare’s Sonnets’ for use during the ‘Much Ado About Portsmouth’ festival in 2016, celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The guide would be sent free to local schools as a printable PDF in conjunction with a Sonnet-writing competition.

The brief was to use my ‘faceless’ black-and-white line drawing character style and educational experience to create, with the help of Dr Rosamund Paice, the Festival organiser, a guide that explained why and when Shakespeare was writing his sonnets, ow they are constructed, and how you can write your own. You can download the guide here: , and make a donation to the festival here: 

After the initial success of the guide, I was asked to become the official Festival Artist, and produced similar artwork for the poster and flyers.

Link to the festival Sonnet Competition page