I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (or at least I did – I seem to manage it so well now I barely feel the symptoms, which is amazing – although then I read this and was pretty disheartened to recognise what I was doing instead, but hey, at least I’m functioning, right?)

Many of my friends and people closest to me suffer from or have suffered from different forms of depression or other mental health issue. I think it’s incredibly important to discuss Mental Health openly. A really good way of joining the conversation is through comics and art. Here’s a selection of my favourites:

Gemma Correll cor7jhkjhkhkhkhkh

Gemma Correll draws all sorts of things and likes to make puns. This article picked up on her work illustrating her own depression, and you’re bound to find you recognise some of these feels.

The one aspect of anxiety I do experience (along with most people expressing their artistic natures on the wellspring of comparative talent that is The Internet) is extremely well summed-up by this comic:


The Sad Ghost Club avatar_e5ffe5eb2447_128

The club isn’t just a website, but a set-up in Bristol that helps people with their mental health issues. To finance it, they make comics and zines and gorgeous clothes and stuff.

Robot Hugs Snip20160219_26

This page makes nice comics that remind you it’s not your fault and you’re not alone, like this one and this one and this one and this one especially. Some of the others a bit rude, just so you know.

Boggle the Owl  tumblr_n6q7ecGyHA1rr4zq1o1_500

Boggle the Owl is worried about you and wants to help you feel better. I truly believe this is one of the most effective portrayals of depression in comic form.

Sylvie Reuter Snip20160219_27

Sylvie Reyter is an illustrator with a very tender touch, and drew one of my favourite depression comics of all time, which you can find on her comics page, below. (Hint – it’s the one with the scary black ghost)

Ruby etc. Snip20160219_29

Another illustrator who does brilliant line-scribble art and often draws FEELINGS.

This one is about small victories.

Depression Comics  Snip20160219_30

This is a brilliant site with comics that illustrate different aspects of depression, and also offers advice and a blog.

Rosalarian   Snip20160219_31

I like this strip about the happiness-eating bug a lot. I used to feel there was a black beetle in my brain, ruining things for me. Lots of people describe similar feelings about bugs and beetles. Poor things.


Hyperbole and a Half  ADTWO22

This is a brilliant comic diary that discusses the author Allie’s depression. It’s an important read.