Gamification in my classroom 4: stickers

A quickie: having planned the course overall, and thought about tasks, and collecting xp, I decided to design some badges to be collected by students for when they achieve each part of the course.

First I thought an image that would encapsulate each topic (as you can see in the top middle badge on the rough drawing at the bottom of this post, which I didn’t use in the end), but then realised this had nothing personal to gain for the student. I also decided that, as several of the units are repeating skills with additional levels of difficulty, the badges should also reflect this increase in achievement. Finally, there should be a character that the students can identify with (comic faces or no faces and simplified figures are what we identify with most, hence the success of comics, and the reason for my choice to use blank-faced stick-men drawings on my other project Greek Myth Comix) and which are also inspirational and aspirational; there is a hint of Indiana Jones 😉

I plan to print these onto Avery stickers, using the free templates available.

Please feel free to use these, although if you share them please give credit.

badge1 greekmythcomix

badge2 greekmythcomix

badge3 greekmythcomix

badge4 greekmythcomix

badge5 greekmythcomix

Rough drawing:

badges rough


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