Make your own Gladiator Paper Dolls

My school does an ‘Open Day’ every Summer, when we open the school on a Saturday  to parents, prospective parents and pupils, and anyone else who wants to come. Each department puts on a kind of showcase with games and events linked to their subject, and the whole thing turns into a kind of fete.

This year, we build a makeshift Colosseum in our classroom, and the kids made gladiator paper dolls!

I drew these as I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Here you have the main five types of gladiator and their helmets, weapons and armour represented: Samite, Murmillo, Thracian (Thraex), Secutor, and Hoplomachus. Kids can choose to make an accurate one, or see how many pieces of weaponry they can stack up! The PDF to make your own is below, or click the pictures.

bbfiction gladiator armour paper doll figure bbfiction gladiator armour paper doll


bbfiction gladiator paper doll Click the link here to get the PDF.

To make: the PDF prints onto two sheets of A4 paper. For best results, mount your gladiator figure onto card before cutting out. The choose your armour, cut it out, stick it on, colour him in, give him a fearsome name and then PUGNA!


Gladiator research for kids: these links are outside of my domain, but should be safe for kids to explore alone.





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