Greek Myth Comix – a bit of success!

The New Year’s Resolution I made to draw more and read more mythology has turned into (for me) a bit of a monster, but more of a fluffy, puppy-eyed cuddly monster that makes me feel warm inside than a hydra or Scylla/Charybdis deal. The comic strip blog now gets at least 1000 hits a month, except for today, when it got over 500 hits over about eight hours:


It appears that in the wonderfully small world of Classics, this is rather big news, and everyone I know, as well as lots whom I don’t, have been incredibly excited and enthusiastic about the comics/comix, sharing them all over the place. For example, this is a pretty cool set of stats:



And there are nice things on twitter about it too!




So much so that I’m being fervently suggested-to that I make it into a book and approach some publishers. Which I will – once I’ve finished turning it into revision guides for my class 😉



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