MISS, ARE THOSE YOUR *GUTS*?! Or, how to make (edible, if you feel like it) guts for your Hallowe’en costume

Recently, we had a ‘Haunted Library’ at work for the First and Second year students. It was all the work of our wonderful librarian, who turned our school library into a walk-through Haunted House, filled with willing participants – staff in various sates of costume – who were looking forward to scaring the wits out of teeny tiny pupils…

After the initial problem of the smoke machine turning on the fire alarm…when the fire alarm was off (spooky) (and also not so fun when the only part of your costume you’ve put on so far is a ghoulish third eye, glued to your forehead, and you’re suddenly called to take your form’s fire registration with the rest of the school on the field)… we were forced to do it without, but there were still plenty of screams.

Part of my costume was again made from my favourite ingredients, marshmallow and jelly (see my experiment with making BRAAAAAAAINS for a zombie-themed assembly), and is amazingly easy to do.


IMG_1644You can see them there, falling, sausage-like, out of my shirt, as if I’ve just been disembowelled. Part of my act, after bursting from a cupboard clutching my severed hand (see below) and breathing heavily through my gas mask, was to lean back, clutching my guts, wait for the kids to see what I was holding onto and visibly recoil in shock (the best bit!) and then tell them in a raspy voice that “I had an accident….” before starting to laugh maniacally and disappearing back into the cupboard. It was really, really fun. So, to guts. You will need:

  •  big bag of marshmallows
  •  red jelly, premade – I used a Hartley’s Raspberries in Jelly pot that I had in the fridge, excellent choice
  •  strawberry laces
  •  cling film on a roll (I think you call this Saran-wrap in the US?)
  •  string –  a piece long enough to go round your neck
  •  newspaper to put down – this could be messy

redlicorice CLEN2223Marshmallows Step 1: unroll a length of cling film, say about a foot and a half, onto the newspaper, and cut it off the roll. This is going to be the ‘skin’ of your length of gut. Step 2:  take a few strawberry laces and lay them, long-wise, along your unrolled piece of cling film – they should be parallel with the long edge of the film, about two inches up from the bottom edge. Step 3: taking alternately pink then white marshmallows, tear them loosely apart and arrange them in a line on top of the strawberry laces along bottom end of your piece of cling film. They should look… globby. Make sure you leave about two inches marshmallow-free either side. Step 4: now, taking the jelly, squish it up until it’s properly gooey (this is where the raspberries came in perfectly) and then spoon it randomly along your line of laces and marshmallows (the off-colour, squished-up raspberries looked amazingly gory and really added some ‘depth’ to the overall disgust effect.) Step 5: taking the bottom edge of the cling film, start to roll it up over the line of mess you’ve made, and tuck it (as best you can ‘tuck’ in this situation!) underneath. Then, keeping the roll tight, roll the long sausage you’ve made up to the top of the piece of cling film, so the whole mess is securely contained within several layers of plastic wrap. edible guts 1 LEJ Step 6: twist the ends, then secure with the length of string at either end, making what I liked to call my ‘meat necklace. This should be long enough to hang the guts around where your real guts would be. Step 7: repeat for as many lengths of gut that you want in your costume. I did three, making each slightly shorter than the last so that they hung like a proper rope necklace… 2020b-wpcf_276x300Kind of like this, but nowhere near as pretty. And, there you go:

edible guts LEJ
Grim, aren’t they?

 The last thing to do is to slice holes in a tshirt or shirt where you want them to hang out, and then wear the ‘meat necklace’ round your neck so they stick out of the hole.  I also wore an orange vest underneath which I rubbed jelly onto as a gory background.  A Good globbing-over with some fake blood is also a very good idea at this point.



Another addition to my costume was a red right hand. I barely even need to tell you how to make this: take a latex glove, make up some red jelly (or mix with Carnation milk to make a more realistic colour – I totally missed a trick there) with only half the water to make it firmer, pour into the latex glove, tie off the end, and then leave to set in the fridge in a way that will make it look like a real hand – over a bowl works to give it some curve:

jelly glove LEJI didn’t take it out of the latex, as it lasted longer that way – and was really fun to freakishly slide down the children’s faces if they got too close …





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