Prezi, and Steve the Skydiver: how to analyse poetry

I’ve discovered Prezi, a new way of creating presentations that appear more interactive and, well, ‘swishy’.

It’s not that much different from Powerpoint, despite it wanting to be, but it’s very user-friendly and, for teachers like me, there are already lots of ‘prezis’ on the short stories and poems that make up some of my taught courses, all done by students, demonstrating both their understanding and the platform’s usability.

For me, it seemed immediately perfect for me to use to recreate my famous ‘Steve the Skydiver’ powerpoint. ‘Steve’, as he was affectionately known in my English classes, was a skydiver who liked skydiving onto poems. This meant he could ‘zoom into’ the poem and see its features in the order the author’s effects occur.

I initially came up with the idea of the alliterative ‘Steve’ about five years ago to help an A-level tutee who exactly knew what to write but not the order to write it in, and as such was writing intelligent yet jumbled essays. In a week, using Steve, he’d gone from a C to an A. Powerful stuff.

Try ‘Steve the Skydiver’ in his new ‘prezi’ form below, or here,  and let me know what you think.

how to analyse poetry
how to analyse poetry

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