A present for a modern writer

A mysterious parcel arrived for me today…


I didn’t have a clue what could be inside and it didn’t look like one of my orders…


My partner reminded me that I was expecting something very special from two lovely girls, friends that are very dear to us having been made on Facebook and become real-life friends after their visit in September, friends who are mad about English and Literature and London and (now!) Portsmouth and Bristol, and Doctor Who, and Sherlock, and all the other fun things that I love too. Friends who had, apparently, secretly agonised with him over what to get me for Christmas, because they are so incredibly thoughtful.

What on earth can they have picked out, I wondered. Of course, it had to be something incredibly special and well-thought-out…

And it was!



Can you tell what it is yet?…


Look! It’s a beautiful iPad cover! (They knew I hadn’t got round to making my own yet, and was using a cheapy from eBay.) And it’s grey! (my favourite colour!) And it’s felt! (Which I adore – yes, I also have favourite fabrics – I used it in my Kindle cover!) And it has a really pretty punched leather decor and lots of pockets for all my little scrappy notes! It’s the perfect little writer’s carry-case for wandering about town, writing about things on the fly, looking retro and dandy and graceful!

Thankyou darling, thoughtful girls! It’s wonderful and I love it! Thankyou so much!





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