I have now moved house…and apparently opened a bookshop. (Yay!)

As stated above, I have been rather busy.

The moment came when this was my view:

Far too many books.
Far too many books.

And then I actually unpacked them, and then there was this:

Oh gawd, *really* too many books.

So now, there are books on shelves, books on the shelves on the shelves, books stacked against the shelves…and books in cupboards. In the Kitchen.

In my new life by the sea, I wanted a clutter-free environment. This was not it.

Sooo…… well, i really miss being a bookseller sometimes: stacking books, opening boxes of books, recommending books. I’d practically done the first two in the last week, so I guess the third wasn’t exactly a giant leap away. I opened an online bookshop.



Now, those of you who know me or whom have visited my website, blackboardfiction.com , will know that that’s what I actually intended to do, before I got bored with business bank accounts and having no actual money to set up a bookshop and then the idea of being rooted to one spot scared me to death so I started writing resources instead. Although there’s no link up to the actual Blackboard Fiction website yet (give me time, that involves Photoshop :D) the whole thing is linked through my Facebook page and the web of webs that link all my websites and blogs together. However, I’ll definitely be linking it to the website soon, which will deserve another new post of its own.
Using the marvellous and FREE (for now) hosting at supadupa.me , I have created a little ‘Book Bundle’ boutique. All the bundles are created using the connections between texts and their purpose – a few good reads, or a study aid. They’ve all come straight from my personal library, and are either duplicates, so surplus to requirements (and in excellent condition) or I’ve read them, loved them, and now need to rehome them (and they’re in pretty good condition). Some of them are even texts I’ve used in class and so contain some good little annotation – ace for students needing guidance.

Do pop along and tell me what you think?


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