Busy June 4: prop making

For our school play, which I didn’t get to see because I was ill, I made some props. This was a nice hands-on and hands-dirty project and a bit of a change. I used to make all the props for the plays I produced at college, and I’ve been making odds and sods for school whenever there’s something random we need for a show.

We needed: a pile of pretty cupcakes, a pile of rotten cupcakes, and a cleaver. Everything below was made with things findable in either the pound store or my classroom.

Pound shop purchases
Voila – a pile of yummy cupcakes!
Beware though, as the sign says these are full of skewers to keep them together, including the cherries. DO NOT EAT.
YEUCH! Ugly, mouldy cupcakes.
Effects created with pieces of green scourer, green marker, and tea granules from a ripped teabag, which was surprisingly effective on stage. No one wanted to eat these, even without the skewers.
Step one: buy a cheap dustpan…
Step 36, finish covering with layers of tinfoil having cut in half and folded over to make vaguely ‘cleaver’ shape (had to be strong enough to split pieces of velcro that were keeping a teddy’s limbs on, appearing to dismember said teddy. I’m not sure why.)
And here’s our finished props table. Obviously, stuff we made earlier…

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