Busy June 3: being ill (again)

3) Being ill. No, I’m not going to write about that really, but I am convinced that my out-of-character ill health *just might* have something to do with the 4.30am starts, 4-hour roundabout commutes, sitting on a cold platform at Clapham when they can’t be arsed to open the waiting room doors at the right time, then working til midnight most days and eating…well, you work out what kind of diet is manageable on that schedule.

Funnily enough, science apparently agrees with me. Tiredness now leads to obesity (I’ve definitely gone up a dress size) and lack of sleep and good food leads to lowered immune systems. Despite the fact that I trekked through Morocco with 15 students in April, my body’s a right old mess.

That’s right, this was me only three months ago. *sigh*

Luckily, my commute is over: from next year, I’m full-time teaching, which means I’m moving from London to Portsmouth. I’m incredibly excited about this, as it means I get views like this at the end of my road:

The Warrior
The Warrior, and one of the many excellent sunsets, at the bottom of my road.
Sally Port
Sally Port, Spice Island: the best place to get a pint of cider and some fish and chips and wave at boats.

I know this to be true: I took these when I last lived there. Hurrah!

The only problem now I have is managing my workload, but I’m sure I’ll think of something…


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