the sea, the sea

I am on my way home to London, in the noisiest train carriage possible, having lost the ticket that allows me my reserved seat in the Quiet carriage and has forced me to buy a new ticket at 1.5 times the cost of my original train journey. Ironically, I still have the reservation ticket. This counts for nothing.

This is all very upsetting, especially as just the other day I was with my partner at the blustery, beautiful seaside. We only get to see eachother for a few days at a time, and we both live in big cities, so, despite it being January, ‘by the sea’ was the place to be. Unfortunately for me, the crowd of drunken blokes currently shouting about how much they *love* their friends and would do *anything* for them because they *love them so much* and *girls come and go* have decided that the corridor outside this carriage is the place to be, but they keep accidentally opening and slamming the automatic carriage door, which is giving me a headache.

Thus, I shall suck in my wobbly lower lip and think back, back, back to the calm of the days before…

Here’s a ‘shopped image made from an iPhone photo taken from the moving train window on the way to the sea. To match its sunken Subject, the image has had grungey texture applied, with tones of sepia to evoke the romance of treasure maps, and a light tilt-shift effect to bring focus to the centre and create a dreamy quality. Ahhhhhhhhhh…….. feel better now……


…and breathe….and breathe…

…and, as if by magic, my train has deposited the revellers at Swindon, and all is quiet again.


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